I Want a God Fearing Woman But A Bad Girl – Spyro


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Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, a.k.a. Spyro, is a Nigerian singer who has disclosed his “spec” in a lady.
Spyro stated that he would rather have a companion who is a “baddie” and knows God.

This was revealed by the crooner of “Who Is Your Guy” in a recent interview with Hip TV.
“My spec is a Jesus baddie,” he declared. My spec is to know God but to be a badass.

Knowing God does not entitle you to mediocrity. Both your appearance and your speech should be professional. Engage in the same vices as the bad girls, but only for your husband.”
Additionally, Spyro responded to the social media haters who were pressuring him to decide between gospel and secular music.
“You will always face criticism in everything you do in life. All we need to do is adopt a position. You can only be at one of two temperatures. You can either be a believer in God or not.

“Even before this, I’ve always understood that people will criticize me for the things that I stand for. However, that does not imply that it will alter. I’m a musician and a Christian. In your line of work, you can represent God as a banker. I’m claiming to love God and to be a voice for him on this platform. It doesn’t mean I can’t carry on with my company,” he declared.