I would Like To Do Liposuction To Get Big Ass – Nikki Samonas


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Big buttocks have become a requirement for every woman in this generation, and we’re not even sure if this is a result of guys influencing women or women influencing themselves.

When Okyeamen Quophi hosted Nikki Samonas on Emklan Media, she was asked, quote, “Which of your body parts would you want to change when given the chance?” on question thirty.

She swiftly shot back, scowling, saying that she merely wanted to change her buttocks.
Nikki Samonas claims that while surgery is not something she should do, she is hoping to get liposuction to achieve the enormous buttocks of her dreams. She concluded by saying that she would be happy to sleep or even thank any male who would be willing to pay for the liposuction.

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