Manassa: A Canadian TikTok celebrity weighs in on Ghanaians’ excessive “shisha” smoking habits


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Manassa, a TikTok influencer, has raised awareness of the concerning habit of shisha kabob smoking in Ghana. The health professional turned influencer expressed her displeasure and distaste for young people who smoke shish kabobs. Many online users saw her video about the problem and supported her in spreading the word.

Manassa, a Canadian-born TikTok celebrity famous for her absurd attempts to speak the regional Twi dialect, has shared her opinions about smoking shisha in Ghana.
The influencer claims to have witnessed numerous young Ghanaians embracing the trend “everywhere she has been” since she visited the country. That compelled her to discuss, as a health professional, her ideas and professional judgments regarding smoking shish kabobs.
Manassa asserts that smoking shish kabobs can have more harmful side effects than smoking cigarettes or tobacco.

The influencer stated as she posted her video, “Ghanafuo shisha is not good for you; please do your research on it because the number of shisha smokers here in Ghana is becoming alarming.” According to reports, 17% of Ghanaians were diagnosed with kidney disease only last year, placing a great deal of strain on the only renal facility at Korle Bu, which had to close owing to financial difficulties.

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