Due to Hardship Under Current Government Canada Is Fast Becoming a New Ghana


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By day, an optometrist, and by night, a comic, OB Amponsah has decried life under President Nana Akufo-Addo’s regime.
On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, OB spoke during the class drive, which was hosted by Mr. Lion and Irene Kwarfo.

When asked to sum up life under the current political leadership in one word, he said, “Canada.”
OB claims that Canada, a nation in North America, “is like a new Ghana.”
In “five years,” he remarked wryly, Ghana’s creative talents will be able to pack enormous entertainment venues, unlike now, because “we’re moving in droves” to the top Western countries.
“It feels like very soon, when you go, the Ghanaian community will be [massively] out there to support you and all that,” he said.
According to OB, “I felt we needed to meet and discuss it as a group” because of the startling rate at which Ghanaians, particularly the youth, are leaving the country in pursuit of better opportunities. ‘Surviving Akuffo’ is the concept of his most recent program, which aired on January 7. He said this to emphasize it.
Fans greeted Surviving Akuffo with great affection, saying “It was beautiful,” as the multiple award-winning comedy and TV personalities put it.