I Prefer A handsome Guy But Bad In Bed Than An Ugly Guy With Sex Power – Nikki Samonas


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Ghanaian film goddess Nikoletta Samonas, whose name is frequently shortened to Nikki Samonas, has made it known publicly that she prefers men who are good-looking but weak in bed over those who are ugly but strong.

In a recent interview with Okyeamen Quophi for Emklan Media’s 30 Questions Program, the actress was asked to pick between an attractive person with low sex power and an ugly guy with high sex power. Her responses truly made men vying for sex power seem petty.

“I will choose a handsome guy with a low sex power because I can be on top and train him to be better, but for the ugly guy who has the manpower, I might not even be able to watch his face and make love with him, and that is going to be a very big turn off for me.” She responded.

In this instance, Nikki genuinely wants to convey to all men that, despite your immense manliness, you must be extremely attractive for her to agree to do business with you.
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