Poor Maintenance Caused Me To Abandon The National Theatre For My Plays – Kojo Antwi


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Even though Kojo Antwi is well-known for his legendary yearly performances on December 24 at the National Theatre, the tale has changed with time.

The well-known musician from Ghana, Kojo Antwi, has said that the same place that a few years ago was elevating his skill has now started to undermine his aspirations to advance in his profession.

Kojo Antwi says he stopped doing his yearly concerts at the National Theatre on December 24 because the place wasn’t kept up properly and couldn’t hold his growing artistic ideas.

According to Antwi, he took this decision because, at the time, he realized the National Theatre had changed into a place that was unable to accommodate his development as an artist.

Though music lovers had been anticipating one of the most attended concerts of the year, December 24th, featuring Kojo Antwi, the National Theatre had served as the event’s customary home since its founding in 1991.

It was nevertheless moved to several locations in recent years, including the Labadi Beach Hotel, the Kempinski Hotel, the Accra Mall, and the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

Once again, the National Theatre was skipped as the event took place at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) this year. In a recent interview with Onua FM, Kojo Antwi reflected on the original allure the National Theatre carried in the early years of the concert, stressing that this allure has gradually diminished as a result of poor upkeep.

” The venue no longer qualifies as a theatre, and upkeep has been difficult for those in charge. I don’t feel restricted to a particular location since I’m an artist,” Antwi said.

He clarified that when an artist’s ideas mature, they can, like a glass, reach varying degrees of fullness or even overflow their container. “An artist doesn’t belong in a hall,” said Antwi, who at one time felt that the National Theatre was no longer supportive of his creative requirements. “I did many avant-garde things,” he said. I had to move since I realized the location wasn’t helping me flourish,” he said in closing.