Ayisha Modi Allegedly Fired By Stonebwoy’s Wife After She Discovered Her Having An Affair With Her Husband.


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Ayisha Modi, a well-known music producer, and her goddaughter Tina have broken up.

For whatever reason, the two former closest friends parted ways and are now having a nasty feud on social media.

Ayisha has not demonstrated loyalty, according to TikToker Tina, despite fighting all of her battles and sticking by her side through good times and bad.

She also recounted how Ayisha Modi had cheated on her with the help of their business partner.

Tina revealed her worst secret and went all in on Ayisha in a subsequent live broadcast.

She claims that because Ayisha Modi had slept with Stonebwoy, she was fired from his camp.

She revealed that following her purported discovery of Ayisha Modi having an affair with Stonebwoy, Dr. Louisa fired her directly.

In fact, it’s becoming murkier! Check out the video below