My Husband Had 87 Girlfriends Including Marine Spirit – Human Right Activist


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Adetoun Onajobi, a Nigerian human rights campaigner, disclosed that when she first met her husband, he had 87 girlfriends.

Adetoun said recently in an interview on the WithChude podcast that some of the women had done all in their power to ruin her marriage.

One of the 87 women, according to her, was “a pure mermaid” who frequently visited her husband.

The rights activist claimed that she had to fight both physically and spiritually to put an end to her husband’s extramarital affairs and save her marriage. (Read Guinness World Records suspends the record for the oldest dog ever held by a Portuguese dog due to age dispute.)

She said, “My husband was sleeping with 87 girlfriends.”

“The women with whom he had slept. That’s what Baba Ashabi will tell me. He will even tell me, and this is going to shock you, that he is looking for work for them. “You who don’t have a job, where’s your hiring center?” I said. Where are you trying to find them work? You are the one searching for a job for them; you have left Lagos. Mama Ashabi!

I respond, “You have not experienced mine,” to those who claim that men are incapable of changing. I approached it cautiously at first. There was one who was a pure mermaid spiritually. Baba Ashabi will even see this one in person. On one of those days when we were meant to travel together, Baba Ashabi begged the woman to come see her mother instead of accompanying me.

“So, Chude, I fought the battle one after the other. Some came seeking retribution; he got me pregnant and threatened not to give it back. Someone else stated that she had dated him for fifteen years, and someone else indicated that they had been together for twenty-something years.

“Because I realized I am here to complete a task in his life.” He had trouble with that too. I will receive an identical text message if you send it to my spouse on his phone. I will get the same message if you talk to my hubby. I took my time to comprehend his experiences.

Watch the video below.