Bella Mundi And Roland Walker, Clashed on The Show Over Not Inviting Them To Her Plush Wedding


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Berla Mundi and Roland Walker, her cohost of TV3 New Day, argued during the show because she had not invited them to her opulent wedding. Berla Mundi gave a rationale for not inviting Cookie Tee, Roland Walker, and other guests, saying that it was a private ceremony that was only intended for her family. On January 5, 2024, Berla Mundi married David Tabi in a secret wedding held in Accra; cell phones were not permitted during the event.

Public figure Berla Mundi has expressed regret to Cookie Tee and Roland Walker, her cohosts on TV3’s New Day, for not extending an invitation to their private wedding.

In a TV3 New Day show, media personality Roland Walker questioned Berla Mundi about why she had not extended an invitation to him and her two coworkers at the media outlet, Johnny Hughes and Cookie Tee, to her much-discussed nuptials.

Berla Mundi retorted that the intention was for the gathering to be intimate and small-scale. “I invited just a few people,” she stated. I apologize. Mr. Walker persisted, unsatisfied with her response, and inquired as to if their lack of invitation was due to enemyliness. Berla Mundi emphasized once more that it doesn’t and that her