I Would Like To Be The Minister of Youth And Sports – Sonnie Badu declares his intentions


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Nana Kwame Bediako, often known as Cheddar, announced his intention to run for president after announcing that he is the leader of the divisive New Force political movement.

Even though his image hasn’t yet appeared on a ballot, gospel artist Sonnie Badu is attempting to get appointed as a minister in Cheddar’s New Force administration.

Sonnie Badu commended Cheddar for moving boldly in the direction of a political agenda meant to lessen the difficulties Ghanaians confront.

In what sounded like a mocking tone, Badu stated that if he were to run for president again in the future, he would like to be nominated as the Minister for Youth and Sports.

Leader of The New Force

The preacher continued by proposing that additional musicians like Kwaw Kesse, Sarkodie, and Shatta Wale play important parts in Cheddar’s imagined administration.

“Asem ben nie, Chedar? You truly are BEDIAKO. Now, if you could provide me the position of minister of youth and sports, could tour with the Black stars. Additionally, if you could grant ministers of entertainment to Nii Amah, Livingston, and Obidi, that would be very appreciated. Then give Kwaw Kese agriculture; I’ll assist him in locating all productive areas so he may cultivate intampi. Just kidding. But seriously, congrats, my brother—that’s brave move,” he posted on social media.


After the planned convention program in Independence Square was abruptly canceled due to unanticipated circumstances, Cheddar came forward as the leader of The New Force political movement. Social media users’ reactions to the news were divided; some expressed doubts about his chances of becoming the nation’s leader.