Did Cheddar Tricked the leaders of Pan-Africa to support his Presidential Ambition? Blakk Rasta trivia


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Blakk Rasta, a broadcaster from Ghana, has questioned Nana Bediako, often known as Cheddar, after his conference was canceled in front of a few perceptive Pan-African leaders.

Blakk Rasta claims that following the government’s thwarting of Cheddar’s convention, prominent figures such as Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the former African Union representative to the United States, P. L. O. Lumumba, the director of the Kenya School of Law, and Peter Obi, the flagbearer of the Labour Party of Nigeria, were not informed that their presence was intended to subtly support Cheddar’s bid for president.

The host of the 3FM midmorning show mentioned an interview in which a few dignitaries stated that they had never heard of or seen Cheddar before being invited to the alleged conference.
But this development has made him wonder what Cheddar specifically said to these Pan-Africanists before extending an invitation to attend the meeting.
Blakk Rasta, who firmly feels that Cheddar structured his “fake Pan-African liberation agenda” around these figures, subtly supported Cheddar’s political campaign when he made the following statement on his 3FM show:

“The Pan-Africanists he invited to Ghana, are they aware that they were coming to support a political campaign?,” said Blakk Rasta. “Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao is married to a Ghanaian. This woman, in an interview, said she didn’t even know who Cheddar was at the time they were inviting them over to Ghana. She didn’t know he was a billionaire; it was said to her. She claimed to have had no idea that her visit would help further a political goal.
“P. L. O. Lumumba also stated he was unaware he was coming for a political campaign,” he went on. Julius Malema did not show up at all, and Peter Obi made the same statement. Under the pretense of being there for a pan-African gathering, did Cheddar fool them into supporting his political campaign? Was he deceiving them or lying to them?”

Blakk Rasta thinks Cheddar is completely lying when he says he is a Pan-Africanist who is working to liberate Africa. He was certain that his presidential ambition—which he had initially concealed from Ghanaians due to its dubious motivation—was part of a plot to destabilize the country.
“Cheddar made a mention of something in his remarks. Blakk Rasta declared, “I am the savior of Ghana. I am not coming to take value from anybody. I am coming to give value.”

“After that, he declared his desire to become president of Ghana. That was his statement. His pictures as The New Force’s presidential candidate were all over the place the day after the disastrous convention. It indicates that those individuals were duped into doing it and that it was premeditated. However, Ghanaians are speaking out against this and have not been silent. “Who is Cheddar? He goes by the name Jacob Freedom Caeser among others. Some refer to him as Nana Osei or Nana Bediako. One face has multiple names. It makes sense why he decided to cover his face with a mask before taking it off that day. We’ve already asked this question,” he continued.

Amidst the increasing misunderstanding around Cheddar’s political movement and mission, a few celebrities have responded.
The government’s attempt to sabotage Cheddar’s convention has been viewed as unfair by some, while others feel that he is promoting a phony agenda.

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