Black Sherif features Mabel on a new single ‘Zero’ | Stream & Enjoy


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Rapper and singer Black Sherif of Ghana recently dropped his newest song, “Zero,” which features the gifted musician Mabel. With a distinctive sound and impactful lyrics, this collaboration has produced a serene bliss with a hint of edge that captivates listeners.

Black Sherif’s remarkable musical talents are on full display in “Zero,” where he blends his singing and rapping talents to create an enthralling performance. The song examines themes of fortitude, tenacity, and the capacity to overcome obstacles. Black Sherif’s verses are perfectly complemented by Mabel’s soulful vocals, creating a song that strikes a chord with listeners.

Both music critics and fans have praised Black Sherif and Mabel’s collaboration on “Zero.” Hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat components are all combined in this song, which has received recognition for its distinctive genre mashup. It demonstrates Black Sherif’s versatility as a musician and his aptitude for trying out various sounds.

“Zero,” with its infectious beats and memorable hooks, has swiftly gained popularity. An inspirational song for anyone attempting to overcome adversity and accomplish their goals, the lyrics are relatable and convey a strong message to listeners.

The ascent to prominence of Black Sherif has been nothing short of extraordinary. His previous hits, including “Money” and “Second Sermon,” have made him a highly promising young artist in Ghana. His work on “Zero” with Mabel further establishes his standing in the music business and highlights his potential for global success.

In summary, Black Sherif’s partnership with Mabel on the song “Zero” is evidence of his artistic ability and originality. Strong lyrics, enthralling melodies, and soulful vocals come together in this song to create an incredibly memorable musical experience. “Zero,” with its enthusiastic reception and rising fame, is definitely a song that will keep making waves in the music business.

Watch Black Sherif – Zero ft. Mabel