Abronoma by Amerado | Stream & Enjoy


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Amerado makes a comeback with “Abronoma,” a vibrant Afrobeats hit.

As Ghana’s lyrical maestro, Amerado, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Abronoma,” get ready to go on a musical journey unlike any other.

This amazing song combines vivid Afrobeat rhythms with Amerado’s well-known poetic lyricism to create a soundscape that is beyond description.

Amerado is back with another smash to continue his run of hits after the enormous success of “Kwaku Ananse” and “Kwaku Ananse (Remix)” featuring Fameye. The song “Abronoma” celebrates life, love, and pursuing one’s dreams. Amerado’s unique storytelling ability is what really shines through; he uses words to create vivid pictures that connect with listeners of all backgrounds. This track is guaranteed to become an anthem that stays in your head and heart thanks to its infectious beats and memorable hooks.

Every lyric that Amerado skillfully crafts throughout verses bears witness to his artistic development and dedication to creating music that is at once classic and modern. Beyond just a song, “Abronoma” is an emotional rollercoaster that beckons you to dance, think, and commune with the core of the human experience.

This song further establishes his position as one of Ghana’s most significant voices in the music industry by demonstrating his ability to push musical boundaries while remaining true to his origins. Take in the enchantment of “Abronoma” and embark with Amerado on an extraordinary musical journey. The journey can now commence as the wait is now over.

Stream “Abronoma” below or CLICK HERE to stream it.