“I love Sex, I even slept at a police barrier just because of Sex” – AMERADO


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Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, a Ghanaian Sensational rapper and the creator of the hit song “Abotre,” better known by his stage name Amerado on the Emklan television program 30 Questions, has shared a comical account of his past experiences, which he attributes to his sex-crazed attitude.

There are restrictions to the show, which is hosted and produced by the renowned Quophi Okyeamen: you are never allowed to skip a question. This prompted rapper Amerado to respond to the delicate topic of whether he has ever traveled a great distance for sex alone.

Amerado explained without hesitation how much he enjoyed having sex and how it caused him to sleep at a police barricade.
Amerado claims that he visited a girl at Mankranso off the Sunyani road, but he was unable to spend the night there since the girl was sleeping with her parents at that time. He was compelled to inform some police officers at a barrier that he was disoriented and needed a place to sleep because he was unable to get a car at about 2 p.m.

“I recall sleeping at Mankraso, which is off Sunyani Road, only to have sex. The woman I went to sleeps with her mother there, where I went. She informed me that I would not receive a ride back since, at two in the morning, I chose to walk to a police barrier and tell them I was lost so they could provide me with a place to stay for that night. The police personnel informed me that there was nowhere to sleep there; they were merely on duty. Amerado bemoans, “This forced me to sleep at the barrier with the policemen until daybreak.”


He went on to say that he was a very jealous type in relationships and that he truly loved sex, to the point where he wouldn’t mind stalking his partner on social media or even on the ground. Watch the interview below to get more fascinating details about one of Ghana’s gifted rappers, who also discusses his challenges.