‘Fame is punishment’, says Rapper Blaqbonez (Video)


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Famous Nigerian rapper Emeka Akumefule, aka Blaqbonez, has described fame as “crazy punishment.”
He said “normal” people who are wealthier than celebrities don’t go through the stress celebrities go through because of fame.

The ‘Like Ice Spice’ crooner lamented that he can’t have “actual fun” in Nigeria because he is famous.

Speaking in the latest episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast hosted by Joey Akan, Blaqbonez said, “I think fame is a punishment. Normal people can have all the money in the world, and drive a way bigger car than I would drive. But in traffic, everybody will leave them and focus on me. Why?

“Now, if I walk into a restaurant, everybody is on me. I can’t even do those basic things. Normal people can have 50 times my money, wear a regular T-shirt and just stroll. Nobody is checking what type of ring, or chain he is wearing or how fresh he is looking. No human being cares. They just go straight to the world to buy whatever they want. Enjoying whatever experiences.

“I can’t even go out in Nigeria to have actual fun. I must be Blaqbonez. It feels like a crazy punishment. Other people who have way more money have a much easier life than me. I have to be hiding.”

Real name, Emeka Akumefule, Blaqbonez, who is signed to Chocolate City is widely admired for his distinct rap style as well as his creative ingenuity.
In 2019, he was profiled by The New York Times as one of the new guards of Nigerian music. He is widely known for his controversial self-proclaimed status as the “Best Rapper in Africa” (abbreviated as “BRIA”).

Blaqbonez dropped his debut album “Sex Over Love” in 2021.