The fracas between two label mates, Fantana and Wendy Shay seems to have no end in sight and from where we stand, it will take a physical combat to end this feud once and for all.

Wendy Shay was the first to draw blood when she fired Fantana for bragging about her mother’s money even when she doesn’t have anything herself.

Fantana shot back by issuing a stern warning to the Uber Driver hitmaker, telling her not to joke with her otherwise a hefty slap will be her portion.

After trading direct shots at each other for a while, Wendy Shay has made a new post on Instagram written in German language.

Fantana & Wendy Shay

Remember the singer spent almost her entire life in Germany before moving to Ghana to start her music career.

She wrote: b“Ich bin die Königin! Well, when I consulted an old school mate who speaks fluent German, he told me what Wendy wrote simply means: ‘I’m the Queen!

This could still be a shade to Fantana as the war ranges on.


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