The lockdown order by the President in parts of the country where the Coranavirus has been recorded is a life safer which is fast curtailing the spread of the virus.

On the contrary, it seems the police and army forces who are in charge to see to it that civilians do not over abuse the order is doing more harm than good as they are seen in videos beating and molesting civilians, which wasn’t the order given them.

A recent video trending, saw an army officer taking three civilians through vigorous exercise routines, and beating them with a whip. One of the three, then tried to explain matters to the soldier but it angered him the more and he switched all his attention to him and beat him the more. Since the civilian could not take the beating no more, he punched the soldier in the face and ran off, as the soldier readied his gun and followed suit.

Watch the video below;

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Credit: | Lionel



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