theFuture GROUP Multimedia has finally outdoored the official logo to its brand.

Speaking to Egya Awiah JosVan, CEO of theFuture GROUP Multimedia, he revealed the meaning and reasons of the choice of colours, design of the logo.

The Arrows in the logo represent forward, meaning we’re moving forward in the position direction for a brighter future thus no coming back. Day in and day out we encounter many challenges & obstacles, but we always strive to achieve the best.

The Colours: Blue signifies our opportunities, in our customers service delivery and innovative ways of doing new things.

Violet/ Indigo shows how loyal we are to our clients, customers and audiences. It also symbolises our Royalty and Hope for the future.

About theFuture GROUP Multimedia

theFuture GROUP Multimedia is a wonderfully established brand aimed at reaching the world at large through infotainment, news and other media related activities. As the originators of and, theFuture GROUP is aimed at enriching the world at large with authentic and reliable news no matter the distance.


Our vision is to be among the topmost media outlets in the world and also help impact the lives of every individual through our works.


At theFuture GROUP Multimedia, we strive to lead in the world of news , entertainment and information. We hope to translate these possibilities through our professional able and hardworking team.

theFuture GROUP Multimedia, The Sky Is the Limit; Future Is Bright.

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