Over the past few days and weeks, Kelvyn Boy has been attacked by many because they claim he has disrespected his former boss especially Shatta Wale.

I really don’t have problem with anyone criticizing Kelvyn Boy but the only problem I have is Shatta Wale trying to attack Kelvyn Boy because of Stonebwoy. It is very interesting to know that the friendship between Shatta Wale and his former rival Stonebwoy has really grown to the extent of Shatta Wale fighting for him.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has also disrespected many legends and being ungrateful to some in the industry and I don’t expect him to attack Kelvyn Boy for disrespecting. I don’t support Kelvyn Boy for disrespecting neither do I support him for being ungrateful but I don’t also support Shatta wale attacking him.

Sometimes issues like the one between Kelvyn Boy and his former boss do happens in the industry and what it happens, the way forward to solve it is what matters most and not some so called big artistes be adding more fire.


The issue happened and it was over so I don’t understand why Shatta Wale should go ahead to tweet talking about disrespect and ungratefulness. Is he aware that he has been disrespectful and ungrateful to some people in the industry some years ago?

He once disrespected when he was growing as an upcoming artiste. He fighting and beefing Kelvyn Boy is so childish and unmatured behaviour of him in any aspect. This is misunderstanding between an artiste and his former boss so I don’t expect him to try gaining attention and trend with it.

Shatta Wale once beefed Samini when he was growing as an upcoming artiste and he sees that not to be disrespect? Mr Logic once sponsored and trained him ( Shatta Wale, Kumbolo, Jupitar, Samini, and almost all the big dancehall artistes in the industry but he ( Shatta Wale) once beefed him.

Kelvyn Boy

Was that not a disrespect and ungratefulness? Pope Skinny started the musical journey with Shatta wale but today he sees Pope Skinny as an enemy. Is that not ungratefulness? Shatta wale knows nothing about ungratefulness and disrespect so he shouldn’t attack Kelvyn Boy for that.

This our so called big artistes are into disrespecting and others to legends but turns to feel hurt when they are being disrespected. Why not calling him personally to advise him but rather coming to Tweeter to attack him?

Shatta Wale shouldn’t try talking or criticizing Kelvyn Boy for disrespecting and ungratefulness because he himself is one of the ungrateful artistes.

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