Some of the activities in Africa include, swimming, rope skipping, walking, running/jogging and many more. These activities in their own way aid the individual to improve his or her cardiorespiratory endurance, endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. These activities basically involve aerobic type exercises.

The aerobic exercises are those physical activities that uses whole body, rhythmic movement, large muscles performed at least three times per a week for minimum of 30 minutes at an intensity level of 50% maximum oxygen uptake or heart rate reserve.

Rope skipping has many vital roles for individual looking for an inexpensive and convenient from of exercise. It contributes to all components of physical fitness , particularly in the area of cardiorespiratory endurance while improving coordination, speed and agility. Advantages include; it raises the human heart rate and as one continues to use activity in his or her muscular endurance.

Some Technics Involve

Rope skipping can be performed in singles or in pairs (one person or two persons). The ends of the rope are held loosely in the fingers. Elbows should be close to the sides and the arms pointed away from the body . The arms and shoulders move in a circular motion; as the rope follows a circular motion, further momentum can be provided by rotating the wrists. Jump by pushing off from the balls of the feet or toes just high enough to allow the rope to pass under the feet. Rope skipping routines should be designed to aim the individual to progress from a short series of workouts to extended workouts. The programme development plan should be flexible and be take into consideration the goal and level of fitness of the individual, otherwise the activity could become boring or too physically different. Examples of rope skipping technics include: Forward 180, Side Straddle, Basic Jump, Backward 180, Criss Cross


Millions of people in the world have taken to walking as an exercise. There are many reasons why people walk for fitness. It’s an activity that can be pursued at almost anytime, everywhere with anyone and at no cost. Aside being fun, walking as an exercise can be commenced easily at any age and can be worked into almost anybody’s daily schedule.

Working may not provide the same results as more strenuous activities. It will not time or sculp one’s muscles as strength training and weight training will not it provides the same short-term aerobic benefits that hill climbing or cross country jogging will . However, one may be surprised to discover how beneficial it can be and how high walking ranks when compared to other popular exercise activities.

Walking for Relaxation

One of the most important benefits of fitness walking comes from simply taking time off from the strains of everyday life. Universaly, walkers report to their fitness programme help them deal with their daily stresses. With few exceptions, such exercise brings not only contentment but also clarify and focus on their thinking. Regardless of one’s age of fitness level, one can enjoy the same experience

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