Our attention has been drawn to a painful tragedy about an accident which did not only cripple a beautiful lady but also has made her obsolete. Her condition has been in a dire state since the accident and we hope with the help of corporate bodies, she could be treated.

In the report, a beautiful young lady known as Aishatu Arthur from New Edobo, at town within the JOMORO Municipality in the Western Region of Ghana is going through a lot of challenges as a result of an accident she had with her husband in the year 2007.

Sad: 2007 Accident Victim Aishatu Arthur cries for help from the General Public

According to her, she was born with no disability, very energetic woman who did everything herself
until one unfaithful day, her husband, Zak asked her to join him on a trip, and unfortunately
they had an accident on their way to Half Assin.

Her whole life story changed after the accident occurred. It has been 12 years now and she has not been able to walk and do some normal things she uses to do on her own. The doctor’s report shows that the accident affected her spinal cord
and has taken her ability to feel when to urinate and when to ease herself; she does all on herself without her knowledge.

Aishatu is going through a lot of pains, as the man who got her into this condition has abandoned her for another lady situation of her current condition and don’t even turn to know her well being.

“After the accident, my mum has been the one taking care of me all this 12 years; in her absence I, depend on my 12-year-old son in case of needs something”, she tells Koenza News.

Doctor’s reports confirms that, GHC 250,000.00 is needed for her surgery and care taking at the hospital. She’s currently staying with a relative at Bubiashie, suburb in the Greater Accra Region

The family of Aishatu together with the entire Koenza News team plea with the general public to stretch down their little support and help our sister to get back on her feet again.

Kindly Donate through the following Accouns:

MOMO Lines:


A/C No: 4511092461700
A/C Name: Joshuah Kofi Nyambil

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God bless you supporting to save a sister’s life.


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