CEO of Avis Entertainment and Musician has opined that Ghana’s Entertainment Industry thrives only on controversies and beefs which renders them mostly fragile in the battle of prominence in Africa and the world as a whole.

He stressed on the fact that in Music circles, Nigerian musicians have taken over Africa because they support and push each other to the top but Ghanaian musicians would beef themselves to the ground. He cited a cynical example of Mr. Eazi helping other musicians with his Empawa project which benefited even Ghanaian upcomings but Stonebwoy would stand on a stage and say it will take forty years to have artistes with talent like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and himself. He also made mention of Jamaica’s reggae younster, Koffee’s success in music as not just being her talent that sailed her through but also by various endorsements she had from music legends in Jamaica.

Whidberry prayed that if Ghanaians are to captain the Industry in originality and by helping one other, they would be the toughest in Africa and gain recognizable spot in the world of entertainment around the world.



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