Mob Justice is a symptom of a society where ignorance, an incompetent justice system and human rights violations impede access to justice.

ABSTRACK: Mob Justice can be explained as a situation where a crowd of people, sometimes several hundred take the law into their own hands, act as accusers, jury and punish an alleged criminal on the spot.


Mob justice or jungle justice is a form of public extra judicial killings in societies, where an alleged criminal[s] are/is beating or summarily executed by a crowd or vigilantes.




When there is regular crime in the society, people then feeling more and more vulnerable and threatened of criminals.

When there is no police station or when society has less trust in the court and the police for various reasons eg. Nepotism, bribery, corruption and the way police react in the communities on issues of crime.

When the current generations of the society has been witnessing mob sharing human blood from their oldest generation, then this become normal thing to practice.


Taking the life of a suspected criminal[s] is a crime and a breach of the constitution and the rule of law in Ghana. The chapter 5 of the 1992 constitution, article 13 and clause 1 of article 13 categorically states that, every citizen has a right to live, so anybody who takes another person’s live shall be prosecuted by the law.

In Ghana no judgment is accepted on a criminal, only the ruling from the constitution, rule of law and the Supreme Court Is considered valid and nationwide accepted apart from that any ruling or judgment is termed illegal.


We should all say no to mob justice as you or I can become a victim, as when this becomes an order of the day, anybody at all in the society can just scream at an innocent person, thief! Thief! And people will just rush and to beat and kill the innocent person in question.

As last year 2018 my friend visited his girlfriend in her house and her father warn my friend that next time he sees my friend in their house for her daughter again he will shout at him thief! Thief! For people to beat him up, the girl’s father warned my male friend.

The killing of a suspect will not help police investigation to apprehend all the criminals if some managed to escape during an operation.


Hand over criminal[s] or a driver who has knocked down a pedestrian to the police station for the law to deal with such people. Life for life may not be a balanced or enough punishment for the crime in question.

No amount of capital or corporal punishment can be equated to any crime one May committed. If we the public take the law into our hands to judge a criminal, the punishment we give as mob may be less or more than the crime the culprit might have committed, so we should allow the law which ensures balanced in passing judgment to judge criminals. Also the society is likely to pass judgment on an innocent person as the criminal may escape and anybody at all, passing may be accused to be the escaped criminal and killed.

The late Major Maxwell Mahama could have been saved if there was an ambassador for anti mob justice or if there was any good Samaritan to protect him and hand him over to the police at that moment, although at that time there was no police station at Denkyera-Obuasi.

In March 23, 2018 a 23 year old guy was stoned to death at Apowa Ghacem Estate-Takoradi by Mob as he made an attempt of stealing 17plates car battery from a car, this battery will at most cost GH 400.00 per a unit, a situational hardship can change any good person into stealing, so let us unit and present such people to book for the law to correct them or a pastor to preach repentance to such person to change for the best.

This mob justice is becoming rampant in most of our Zongo communities and according to a research conducted by the Ghana statistical board June 2017 Nima-Accra,Adum-Kumasi,Sofo line-Kumasi,Denkyerah-Obuasi-Ashante,Apowa-Takoradi,Kwesimintsim-Takoradi,Effiakuma-Takoradi and Sekondi-Zongo were on higher peak in terms of mob justice.

So ambassadors for anti-mob justice what we are saying is that present criminals to police stations for the law to deal with them.

Let end mob instant justice now.



Source: |  Ambassador Alex Tutungah | Takoradi
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