Efya Schwarzenegger ask Ghanaians for Prayers

It seems January has been soo hard on the path of the celebrity cum Radio and Television personality as her makeUp artiste and bossom friend kicked the bucket.

She was closer to the personality as she was part of those who sent the body to the morgue.

Prior to the death of her beloved friend, she has also been struck with the death of a brother recently and all happenings occuring in less than a week.

Efya has took to social media to plead with Ghanaians to please pray for her and further stated that she seems to be depressed a lot this few days and does not know what to do.

Efya Schwarzenegger’s lost friend

We pray and wish her well.

Egya Awiah Josvan

Am Egya Awiah JosVan, a Ghanaian finest and hard-working music & entertainment blogger. WhatsApp: +233575952831 / 243942883

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