Catholic priest slaps a musician

On the wake of Covid 19 issues pertaining to religious activities looks burried recently. One happening that has caught our attention took place over the weekend 27th April.

Report reaching has it that, two families who managed to get their son and daughter united in holy matrimony in the face of social distancing invited only few loved ones. It was more of a private ceremony and as usual they had their priest bless the union.

One significant personality who graced the occasion with his presence was a young rising and promising artist, Ukid who happens to be a friend of the groom.

The ceremony won’t be complete without Ukid the musician entertaining the few guests who were present.

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Ukid took the stand and what was to be a usual entertainment took a different dimension when the priest got infuriated by the words the microphone amplified from the mouth of the rapper as the mini crowd watched him throw jabs at the church and religion in his utterances dubbed freestyle.

The rapper walked towards the priest and asked him few sarcastic questions about fake priests and the church with his flow which hit the priest badly that he couldn’t take them. What surprised the guests was when the priest did the unexpected by slapping the musician.

Regardless, the ceremony was completed.

What’s your take on this? Do you see the actions of the priests necessary or amusing? U feel is about time something is done about these musicians and their provocative come at religious and societal issues?




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