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After I asked her to contribute money to my house’s bills, my girlfriend called me stingy – a young guy sadly recounts.


A young man who is tired of being his girlfriend’s “sugar daddy” has come out to complain about how she labeled him a stingy man for asking her to contribute.



The lady has been staying with him for a few months, according to the young man. She has all the benefits of a “wife,” but she refuses to give her quota to the benefits she is receiving.


His tale goes like this:


“My girlfriend is upset with me because I asked her to help with our household bills. It’s been two days since she’s spoken to me. She moved in with me in August after landing a job in my neighborhood. When she got paid in September and October, I didn’t say anything.


On the 15th, she received her third income, and I instructed her to purchase groceries, electricity, and DSTV. She informed me.


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