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5 things a guy should never say to his girlfriend.


Communication and honesty are two principles that come first in a healthy relationship. However, there are a few things that boys should never say to their girlfriends.Here are five things that guys should never say to their girlfriends:

  • “Stop being dramatic” Believe me when I say that most women find this statement offensive. Allow them to vent; they’ll figure it out on their own. If you believe they are being overly dramatic. Just offer them a place to vent their rage.

  • “You act like my ex-boyfriend.”Unless the ex is a model, no one wants to be compared to them.

  • “It would make you look better if…”How  insensitive can you possibly be? No one needs to be reminded of their imperfections or have them painted on their faces, nor should anyone advise a way to improve their appearance. The story comes to a close.

“*You’ve put on some weight.”

A word to the ladies: you have to admire a guy    who doesn’t mind if his girlfriend puts on a few  pounds during their relationship, but it’s wise of him not to mention it.

  • “You have a completely different appearance in the mornings.”
    For many ladies, this is insensitive. Who even looks like they’ve just gotten out of the shower and put on a full face of makeup in the morning?

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